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Program #373 “The Politics of the First Christmas”  12/23/2018 – Synopsis


In regard to the first Christmas, we often think of the Roman tax which sent Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.  This was just one small aspect of the Roman occupation of Israel which began in 63 BC.  The popular view is that the occupation was strictly due to Roman imperialism, but it was actually the corruption of the Jewish Maccabean leaders that led to the Roman invasion.  Many Jews wanted “no king but Ceasar” (John 19:15).


In Bethlehem, Jesus was born under the shadow of the nearby Herodian – Herod’s palace fortress.  The political situation reflected the spiritual bondage of the people.  The impostor king (Herod) refused to abdicate his throne to the true king.  Similarly, individuals refuses to abdicate the throne in his heart to Jesus.