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Program #230 - 231 – Gender Identity Counsel – 3/27/2016 & 4/3/2016 – Synopsis


By special request, I have put together a two-part series addressing the LGBT movement and gender choice.  The program is not about the public policy aspect, but about counsel toward the individual looking for Biblical answers.  I find that most people have an inadequate or distorted view of the Biblical teaching on this subject.


Part 1 I addresses one’s basis for ethics – either Christian theism or Secular Humanism.  The real debate is more about the source of right and wrong than specific moral behavior.   I then begin to define the LGBT position that gender and gender behavior are changeable human constructs.


Part 2 begins with answering the claims from religious supporters of LGBT.  I then go on to explain the Biblical law,  but God’s mandates cannot be appreciated without an understanding of man’s fallen nature and God’s call to radical conversion.  Yes, one may be born with a penchant for certain sins and one’s environment may inflame those sins, but one must overcome both nature and environment.


Jesus said that in order to be saved, one must deny himself and lose his very life.  The old self must be destroyed and replaced with a new nature.  This is the profound Biblical message that is too often absent in this discussion.



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