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Synopsis:  Program #85  “Shifting Blame, Shirking Responsibility”  June 16, 2013


In celebration of Father’s Day, Program #85 is a character-building lesson for fathers.  In fact, in order to be warned and equipped, every young person should hear this program.


The latest false ideology that has pervaded higher education and social thought is that you are a victim of your gender, race, and financial class.  This fits right in with the secular humanist view that there is no God and you are a biological accident without a moral soul.  According to secular materialism, outcomes cannot be based on your moral choice because you have no soul, and there is no such thing as sin.  Therefore, all failures must be attributed to environmental factors outside your control.  So blame your gender, blame your skin color, blame your community, blame your government, blame your parent’s income, etc. The victim mentality in our culture today is the direct by-product of secular materialism.  The bottom line is that the intellectuals in America have created a very sophisticated way to excuse sin and blame their Creator. 


To make matters worse, with a false premise comes a false solution.  If nobody is responsible for his social or financial outcomes, then it is only fair that we ought to create a socialist society that evenly redistributes all wealth.  Because, “You didn’t build that,” - you have only won the lottery of life.  Socialism is also the child of secular humanism.


The Biblical teaching is that outcomes are a function of moral choices.  The program contains an exposition of Ezekiel 18 where God addressed the same false victim mentality that arose in ancient Israel.  God says, “As I live, declares the Lord [I don’t want to ever hear this excuse that you can’t do what is right because of your environment]” (Rendering of Ezekiel 18:3).


Scripture Referenced:  Ezekiel 18